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"Physical fitness is the first
requisite of happiness"

- Joseph Pilates



Aura offers exercise programmes designed to suit your individual need for both male and females. The courses vary in style of exercise to suit those fit, with conditions or injuries. Our aim is to restore your health and fitness, inspiring you to a healthier lifestyle.

Aura was set up out of a passion to help others live an active life, providing education to prevent injuries and alleviate pain.

Founder, Deborah Armstrong says;

“After my second child, I developed a spinal problem which I recovered from by embracing Pilates to stabilise and strengthen my core. I then went on to train as a  fitness instructor and gained my Pilates certification. Over 8 years later I have developed a wealth of knowledge within the fitness industry.
In the last 3 years, my training has developed further into restoring and rehabilitation lead by Pilates; Therapies and Trigger Point Pilates. I achieved my Personal Training qualification and also Exercise referral. Due to occurring further injuries myself, I feel empathy for those who are injured or suffer conditions that appear to have no relief. The sessions I offer are designed to suit any skill or level helping people achieve a variety of goals. I work with clients after clinic to restore fitness but also with fit clients to PT and empower their fitness to full potential.”

Classes can be on a 1-2-1 basis or as a small group. Block booked courses are also available in a class of 10-15.



Mobile Personal Training offers you 1:1 and 2:1 with me. Following an initial consultation, I will assess your fitness and lifestyle, putting a programme together, bespoke to you and your personal goals. Personal Training can be for a complete beginner or for those wishing to motivated and add variety into their workouts.
You will learn how to safely complete the programme bespoke to you (allowing you to follow the programme alone in extra sessions if required in the gym) and I will motivate you and inspire you to reach your full potential in each session. You will be monitored to ensure goals set are reached every step of the way. The results that you desire are down to your hard work, the ability to follow your plan and stay consistent in the gym, and lifestyle changes.


Pilates is a series of low repetition and low impact conditioning exercises.
Pilates focuses on building your body’s core strength and improving your posture. Key fundamentals of Pilates are alignment, breathing and centring (core stability). This involves learning to control all your movement from your centre and use deep core muscles to support your spine. These muscles wrap around your waist like a built-in corset (your girdle of strength). The benefits of Pilates are endless and can only be described as life-changing.


Joseph Hubertus Pilates (December 9, 1883 – October 9, 1967) was a German physical trainer of Greek descent notable for having invented and promoted the Pilates method of physical fitness.

It was created for the purpose of rehabilitation. Pilates was a man who overcame his own childhood weaknesses through developing and practising his own regime of exercises. According to the Pilates Foundation website, Pilates apparently suffered with asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever.  He worked as a circus performer, boxer and self-defence instructor in the UK in 1912. Some of the first people treated by Pilates were soldiers returning from war and dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine (to strengthen their bodies and heal their aches and pains).

Trigger Point Pilates

Created from years of clinical work and Pilates teaching experience by Lydia Campbell, a fitness industry expert of conditions and scar tissue, the programme has been released after thirteen years in the making.

A Trigger Point Pilates class combines Pilates’ core moves and applies clinical Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions. The class is designed to release tight muscles and enhance functional daily movement and restructure the body. This class attracts everyone from the elite fit to the post-rehab. Fascia restrictions occur in everyone, whatever their age, activity or level of fitness. Equipment is used to release and realign the body which you can buy from your instructor to exercise at home.

In class, there are many exercise sections where we work deeply on releasing into the deeper layers of fascia targeting the release of trigger points. Healthy fascia (connective tissue) needs to be kept hydrated with water and movement. This allows the body tissue to change and heal. The worst thing you can do is sit around in a chair all day, even if you are injured or post-operative or live with a chronic, painful condition.


I have read and understand the terms and conditions detailed in the Aura Disclaimer.
By submitting payment, I am confirming that I have read the disclaimer

Classes are run on Block Bookings

  • Group Classes of 12
  • Private coaching (small group)
  • Personal Pilates Therapy 1-2-1
  • Personal Training 1-2-1

Classes offered are Group up to 12, Private small group or 1-2-1.
(Buddy sharing Courses can be arranged if you feel a friend would motivate you)

  • For Pilates therapy classes clients should wear comfortable clothing.
  • Trigger point Pilates I recommend wearing a t-shirt and long thin bottoms for release work.
  • You will need a mat for group classes (other equipment will be provided)
  • I provide mats on private classes only along with equipment
  • Please bring water to each class

GROUP CLASSES (no more than 12)
Block bookings
6 weeks


Block booking
6 weeks

First class is an introductory class


Pilates Therapy and use of all equipment
Block Bookings
6 weeks


£40 initial assessment


£30 Initial assessment


£25 per session thereafter


Need to pay for a class upfront? Not listed above?
No problem. Press the PAY NOW button and you can pay. Make a note as to what class it is on PayPal and include your name.

Pilates Therapy

Pilates therapy 1-2-1
Rehabilitating common injuries or movement restrictions

Your care begins with an initial consultation and assessment 1hr session. You may have referral notes from your recent clinician if exercise referral has been directed by them. Your notes are helpful to bring along to this assessment.

From the initial assessment, I can create a personal treatment program to rehabilitate common injuries or movement restrictions through pilates therapy. Joint complexes such as the spine, shoulder, hip and knee. Each programme uses release methods, mobility sequences and Pilates Therapy strengthening exercises to re-establish the correct movement pattern and improve movement and posture.

These programmes are taught in progressive 6-week block bookings. Additional weeks may be needed depending on your symptoms and condition to recover. In this time you will visit me weekly and be given home exercises to engage 2/3 times a week.

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Thank you for my Pilates Therapy. I’m now able to play tennis and ride my horse again which has been a long time coming but we got there x

I love a good gym session with Debs she never fails to get me above and beyond my goals.

Debi, thank you for taking the time to motivate me to join. Your sessions have been a challenge for me but with your support and understanding I kept going. You’ve given my body a new lease of life I feel 10 years younger to how my posture was when I started!!

Agree! Last night my body and mind were in a pickle but felt so much better after an hour relaxing on prickly balls!

Most of us live hectic lives no with jobs, kids, we forget about ourselves. This is one of the best classes I’ve ever done, not only does it take away the aches and pains but also relaxes you and your mind. It’s an hour of switching off from the hectic days and concentrating on you. With a few giggles in between. Highly recommend it x

I was persuaded to join Debi's class by a friend of mine. Have to say I was a bit reluctant however I went along and realised just how stiff I was! Two weeks later I was encouraged to join her trigger point Pilates class. Again, a bit sceptical, but that is just me. Another two weeks on and TODAY I managed the downward facing dog pose. Happy? Chuffed to bits. Thanks Debi 🙋

I've completed two courses of trigger point pilates with Debi. The classes are great and adapted for those who have any particular conditions. Debi is great and very attentive to the needs of the group so you know you are being well looked after. This is a truly relaxing class. I always left feeling de-stressed, released and more flexible. Highly recommended! Thanks Debi x

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Below is the link to the Assessment Form you will need to fill in before you attend your first class.

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